Google Assistant that can help you to eat healthier
Google Assistant that can help you to eat healthier
Food Adviser gives information about nutrition types to keep you fit, youthful and healthy

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Among various nutrition types, have you ever asked yourself which one could be the best for you?
Now you can ask Google for information about what to eat according your ages, body shape, blood group or what to eat to stay healthy during winter months and much more all at one place. Food Adviser will continue to develop and more information and options will be added, so check it from time to time, you could always find something new.


Food Adviser is a google assistant that affects the user's greater satisfaction. User gets information what to eat and what to avoid to eat according chosen nutrition. Food Adviser helps you to find appropriate and healthy eating plan according your preferences. User can post a comment about this service if he/she is satisfied or not with Food Adviser and what alse should it include or improve. Interaction with user is through:
- question-answer
- using lists and buttons

Food Adviser is nice and caring to talk to. I created a naturally understanable botsflow with an intuitive design that would be clear and easy to comprehend for all users to use.
With the help of Dialogflow, Food Adviser has an impressive vocabulary featuring a large number of intents that the chatbot uses to communicate with users. Having such a huge "word bank" gives chatbot ability to understand a large variety of users requests.

While in the testing and training stage, I worked on chatbots NLP to make it flawless. The training of Food Adviser is still ongoing and currently I am working to make the chatbot as intelligent as possible.



Lets get in touch. If you have any feedback or suggestions about Food Adviser, send me message!